Recent Before & After Photos

Barbershop Fire in Gainesville, FL

This really shows how someone might think their business will never operate the same again but as you can tell from the after photo, our slogan "Like It Never E... READ MORE

Fire damage in Alachua, FL

This is a room that had caught fire. SERVPRO provides our technicians the training and resources to clean even the worst situations. Our goal is to get the situ... READ MORE

Water Damage in a bathroom in Gainesville, FL

This water damage job was a lot more than just a bathroom but you can tell quite clearly the difference in the photos. We restore what we can and if we can't, w... READ MORE

Bio-Hazard Clean-up in Gainesville, FL

We don't just help restore after a water, fire or mold situation. We also clean bio-hazard situations. The above photos were a situation we were called out to r... READ MORE

Tree falls on this Florida home

Storms are something that is quite common in Florida. Unfortunately some storms are worse than others and your home can get damaged. Whether it be a fallen tr... READ MORE

Mold damage in Gainesville, FL home

Contrary to popular belief, mildew is mold. It is just as hazardous and can spread just as easily. In this home in Gainesville, FL, mold growth occurred in a ... READ MORE

Flood damage in Gainesville, FL

We certainly experience heavy rain in Florida at times. Unfortunately, sometimes our home isn't well-equipped enough to withstand the weather. In this case, t... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Archer, FL

Fire damage occurred in a home in Gainesville, FL due to a heater fire that quickly escalated. As you can see, the home was covered in heavy soot. The homeown... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Gainesville, FL Bathroom

In the midst of a disaster, such as a fire in your home, have no fear. SERVPRO is licensed and certified for fire damage clean up. In this Gainesville, FL hom... READ MORE