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Did you know...

5/27/2016 (Permalink)

Biohazard Did you know... Need someone for a biohazard clean up? We can help!

SERVPRO of Alachua County West is here for ALL your disaster needs.  But did you know that we also do biohazard clean up?

When most people think of SERVPRO, the first thing(s) that come to mind are our neon green vehicles that cannot be missed.  Next, people tend to recall the fact that we "clean up all that water and fire stuff."  As people get to know SERVPRO more and more, they begin to realize that we do water damage, mold and fire damage clean up and restoration, but also much more!

SERVPRO of Alachua County West is licensed and certified for biohazardous waste clean up.  Biohazardous waste can mean a few things, but in most cases it is referring to human excrements.  This refers to blood, feces or urine.  Whatever the cause may be and whatever is affected, we are always here to help. 

Majority of the biohazard clean up that is performed by SERVPRO includes but is not limited to:  bloodborne pathogen clean up, chemical clean up, crime scene residue clean up and sewage backup clean up.  However, one interesting side of biohazard clean up that SERVPRO of Alachua County West is also particularly experienced in is "Hoarder Home" clean up.

A "hoarder" is defined as a person that feels the need to obtain and store away massive amounts of particular items that they deem necessary in their life.  Many people are guilty of being a "pack rat" from time to time.  A hoarder home is the extreme version of that.  Their homes are generally disheveled, with overstocked fridges, rotting food, etc.  This is where SERVPRO comes in.  We rid the home of the unneeded items (old, unsalvageable or past their expiration date), we attempt to restore all belongings and structural pieces that we can and we perform a deep clean.  It is a process, but by the end, we take that "hoarder home" and turn it into a beautifully clean home that one would be proud of.  

Perhaps the disaster you are dealing with is biohazardous waste.  Perhaps you are dealing with a loved one's "hoarder home."  Either way, SERVPRO is always here to help.  We are experienced and will perform the services professionally and adequately.  In most of these cases, people do not know who to call for help.  Well, now you do... (352)374-6589.

One of the Ways We Are Better than the Rest!

4/18/2016 (Permalink)

General One of the Ways We Are Better than the Rest! Owners of SERVPRO of Alachua County West since 2007...Mark & Becky Raymond

Let's be honest...

SERVPRO of Alachua County West is not the only restoration company in the Greater Gainesville area.  You have many options when it comes to water and fire clean up &restoration and mold remediation.  There are many reasons as to why we are the best out of your choices, BUT one of the main reasons is... no one can compete with the amount of knowledge and experience we possess.  

One of the owners of SERVPRO of Alachua County West, Mark Raymond, has been with SERVPRO since 2003.  He started as the marketing manager for a franchise in Jacksonville, FL.  He then moved his way to General Manager and the further enveloped in the company he became, the more he loved SERVPRO.  His son, Jason Raymond, began working part-time as a technician for the Jacksonville franchise in 2004.  Later, he moved to Gainesville and began working for the Ocala SERVPRO franchise.  Mark and Becky then heard word of the Gainesville SERVPRO franchise being avaiable for purchase, and they jumped at the chance!  Jason then began working for his parents' franchise as Production Manager.  Their daughter, Julianne, has worked for them a combined 3 and a half years, as both the receptionist and currently, the marketing manager.  The Raymond family as a whole has a combined 35-40 years in the restoration industry.  But the best part is, the knowledge doesn't stop there!  

The management and technicians at SERVPRO of Alachua County West are not only all licensed and certified for all restoration and remediation services they provide, but they are also constantly learning more.  SERVPRO corporate holds training classes and seminars regularly so as to make sure every SERVPRO is up to date on training.  But SERVPRO of Alachua County West not only wants to keep all their employees educated on topics such as water damage, fire damage, mold, biohazard clean up and more.  They want to make sure that you are educated as well!!  Especially if you are a real estate agent, insurance agent or insurance adjuster.  

SERVPRO of Alachua County West hosts FREE Continuing Education classes throughout the year for either real estate agents or insurance agents and adjusters.  Owner, Mark Raymond, is the dynamic and knowledgeable teacher for the classes.  Not only do you get free education by attending their classes, but you also get free lunch and giveaways!  

If and when you find yourself in the midst of a disaster at your home or business, you want to call the best.  You want to call someone in who has dealt with disasters like yours NUMEROUS times and knows how to make it "like it never even happened."  Don't question who to call; trust in the fact that you are calling the most experienced and the most knowledgeable company when you call us.

Call SERVPRO of Alachua County West at (352)374-6589...  

Not just a BRAND you can trust, but a FAMILY you can trust.

Purple Pint Day 2016

3/17/2016 (Permalink)

Community Purple Pint Day 2016 Purple Pint Day 2016 at First Magnitude Brewing Company. Sponsored by and SERVPRO.

Wear your purple & come join us!

March 26th is Worldwide Purple Day for Epilepsy Awareness.  Although epilepsy is a common neurological disorder, affecting 1 in every 26 people, it is rarely spoken about.  

Our marketer & daughter of the owners, Julianne Raymond, is epileptic and works deligently to increase Epilepsy Awareness.  For November, Epilepsy Awareness Month, Julianne created the Tailgators for Epilepsy Awareness event.  For Worldwide Purple Day, Julianne created Purple Pint Day.

Purple Pint Day is an event on Saturday, March 26th from 2pm-7pm to be held at First Magnitude Brewing Company.  Adults, families and dogs are all invited to attend.  By wearing purple and donating $15.00, you will receive a 1 free purple pint cup, 1 free beer and a wristband for $0.50 off each additional beer purchased.  Julianne was lucky enough to have First Magnitude offer for the event to be held at their brewery. If you have never been; you must!  They are a great brewery with a wonderful family and dog friendly atmosphere.  Julianne was also lucky enough to have local businesses, and SERVPRO of Alachua County West, sponsor the event.  Obviously, she didn't have to try too hard to get owners, Mark and Becky Raymond, otherwise known as her parents, to sponsor the event.

So, please come and join us on Saturday, March 26th for a GREAT event!  All proceeds go to the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida to fund helping epileptics and most importantly, finding a CURE!  But as Julianne said, raising money is not her goal.  Her goal is to raise AWARENESS.  Hope to see you there!

Are you ready for an Emergency?

1/15/2016 (Permalink)

Commercial Are you ready for an Emergency? Preparedness at Your fingertips

No one plans on a disaster, but you can plan to be "Ready for whatever happens."

SERVPRO is always thinking about the future.  They are constantly creating new and innovative ways to not only make a disaster "like it never even happened" but to also make sure that you, the customer, the one in need, is at least somewhat prepared for a disaster.  One of their newest innovations is the Emergency Ready Profile.  Never heard of it?  Well, that's just a shame!

The Emergency Ready Profile is necessary information that can be accessed either via website or mobile app in the midst of a disaster.  This profile contains where water shut offs are, all emergency contacts, and where electricity shut offs are.  Unfortunately, not everyone in your home or workplace knows this information.  Let's say that one of your coworkers decides to stay late in the office.  He or she is the only one there.  There is a plumbing malfunction and the toilet never ceases running.  The coworker does not notice this for hours until the water has seaped into his or her office.  Now, there is a problem.  The coworker panics.  They do not know who they should be calling, where the shutoffs are, etc.  Instead they frantically call their manager.  Meanwhile, the water is still seaping through the office because it has not been shut off.  More water damage is made and perhaps some items even become unsalvageable.  But, a plumbing malfunction did not have to lead to such a disastrous situation.  Some of the damage could have been eleviated by one valuable mobile app.  

The Emergency Ready Profile is great for anyone and everyone.  But it helps businesses more than anyone.  50% of businesses that go through disastrous situations never reopen their doors.  If some of the damage could be prevented by having informed employees and employers, perhaps that percentage would be lower.  

"Before anything else, the key to success is preparation."  So, why wouldn't you prepare yourself and your business for a possible disaster?  Unfortunately, disasters occur every day, both small and large.  By being prepared, when this day arrives, you will be preventing further damage.  

Call SERVPRO of Alachua County West today at (352)374-6589 to set up an appointment with Julianne Raymond.  She will come by and set up the Emergency Ready Profile for you, your household or your business, free of charge.  As they say, the best things in life are free! 

Epilepsy Awareness Month 2015

11/19/2015 (Permalink)

Community Epilepsy Awareness Month 2015 Julianne Raymond, our Marketing Representative and daughter of the owners, a advocate and supporter of Epilepsy Awareness.

It's November again...

November is Epilepsy Awareness Month and the Marketing Representative and daughter of the owners, Julianne Raymond, is back at it trying to raise Epilepsy awareness again.  This year has been a great year for Julianne's volunteering and advocacy work.  She was awarded the Champion for Epilepsy of  2015 and has worked intently to make Epilepsy Awareness Month the biggest it has been in Gainesville.  

Julianne decided that 2015 was the year that she would start her own event to raise Epilepsy Awareness and raise support for the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida.  Being that we are in Gainesville, the heart of Gator nation, she figured that the best event would be one combined with the Gators.  Julianne is hosting a Tailgators for Epilepsy Awareness tailgate on November 28th, leading up to the UF v FSU football game.  She has received plenty of support from local businesses in order to accomplish this event.  Backstreet Blues Catering and Winghouse are sponsoring the food and Swamphead is providing the beverages.  Local businesses such as Campus Scooters, Celebrate Primary Care, Craig Bost's Farm Bureau Insurance office, Front Street Realty, Gift Certificates & More and NorthWestern Mutual have all reached out to support Julianne's cause.  SERVPRO, of course, is also one of her featured sponsors and could not be more excited for the event.  We are looking forward to a wonderful day filled with epilepsy awareness, games and a Gator win! 

Were you gone for the summer?

8/21/2015 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Were you gone for the summer? Mold Remediation in a Gainesville, FL Home. Technician is in full Mold protective gear.

Gainesville is often called a "College Town" thanks to our wonderful university, University of Florida, and our college that was voted #1 in the nation, Santa Fe.  When summer approaches, we experience a massive decline in population; a decline of about 3.2%.  The Spring semester ends and students head home to visit with friends and families.  When they leave their apartment, home, townhome, or condo, they assume that upon their return everything will be just as they left it.  That, unfortunately, is not always the case.

With the return of college students and summer vacationers alike, we have had a massive influx in mold remediation jobs.  People return to their homes to either find their walls, floors and belongings covered in mold.  Most have no idea what caused it or what to do next!  That's where we come in.  

Primary causes of Mold growth include but are certainly not limited to:  water intrusion, the improper dryout of water damage, flooding, high humidity levels, and a broken or turned off air conditioning unit.  In the case of a home that is left empty for the summer, finding mold upon returning is very common.  In general, the cause is a turned off air conditioning unit.  NEVER turn off your air conditioner.  Florida has an extremely high humidity level.  A high humidity level is the perfect condition for mold growth.  An air conditioner set at 78 degrees Farenheit, at the very highest, will keep the cost of your electrical bill low all while circulating the air in your home and preventing mold growth.  The second most common cause behind mold growth is an unknown water intrusion.  If you plan to leave your home empty over the summer, have a friend or neighbor whom you trust periodically stop by to monitor the condition of your home.  For example, we experienced plenty of heavy rainfall this summer, as Florida normally does.  What if you have any unknown leak in your roof?  Water damage will occur.  Unfortunately if no one is in the home to catch this, the water damage will only get worse.  The wet walls, flooring, etc are breeding grounds for mold.  While you are away enjoying your summer, mold is infesting your home.  But sometimes, you don't even have to have an uninhabited home for this to occur!  If water damage occurs in your home, whether it be from indoor or outdoor sources, handle it properly.  Water damage that is not dryed properly will result in mold.  Water mitigation might not be the cheapest process, but mold remediation can certainly be more expensive.  The longer water damage lingers without being handled properly, the more damage that is created.

There are many common misconceptions when it comes to mold.    

What you need to know is that mold is everywhere.  There are many different classifications of mold.  Some are more hazardous to your health than others.  The worst of them, black mold, is not always black.  Some mold that is black in color is not actually black mold.  The mold that is in your home is not always visible to the naked eye. Lastly, mildew is mold.  Mildew is simply a nicer and less "scary" way of saying mold.  Fact of the matter is,  what you view as "just mildew" is just as hazardous and harmful to your health as mold.  

Do not down play the seriousness of mold growth.  If you believe that mold has infested your home, call a mold assessor and request a testing.  In the state of Florida, it is illegal for one to be both a mold assessor and a mold remediator on a job site.  SERVPRO only handles mold remediation.  Once you have received your mold assessment and it is confirmed that you have a hazardous amount of mold in your home, call SERVPRO.  Thanks to our knowledge, experience, training and national certifications, we will come in and properly perform mold remediation.      

We Value Our Customers

7/14/2015 (Permalink)

Community We Value Our Customers One of the Thank You cards we received after Julianne visited with a thank you gift.

Beginning last July, SERVPRO of Alachua County West implemented a "Thank You" program.  Once a job is completed with a customer, our marketing representative, Julianne Raymond, visits with a thank you gift.  Normally, she will stop by with fresh baked cookies and a hand written thank you card.  Those that use SERVPRO's services are going through a tough time.  When they call us, it is due to a recent disaster in their lives, whether it is caused by fire, water, or mold.  Dealing with such a disaster will prove to be one of the most stressful situations they have ever experienced.

      SERVPRO swoops in at the time of need as a "hero in green."  Hopefully, we relieve some of the stress that the customer experiences and return their home and their lives to pre-existing conditions.  Once we have a completed a job, our hope is that your home appears "like it (the disaster) never even happened."  While customers are grateful for us, the services that we provide, we don't think that is said enough how grateful we are for THEM.  Without our valued customers, we would not be the business we are today.  

Every single customer we have is a blessing and we want you to feel that way.  We are not your only choice when it comes to businesses in the restoration industry, but we are your BEST choice.  And by you picking us above the rest, we take that as a compliment to which we are grateful to receive.

The "Thank You" system was implemented to display just a little token of appreciation that we have for each and every customer.  Now a days, the personal touch is lost with businesses.  The customer, who is the most important person, is never shown the appreciation that they deserve.  We at SERVPRO of Alachua County West are working to change that.  We have received great feedback thus far and it is certainly something that we will continue to do.  If you don't choose SERVPRO because of the knowledge, reliability and experience, at least choose us for the homemade cookies you'll receive at the end of the job!  

SERVPRO and the United Way

4/13/2015 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Alachua County West firmly believes in giving back to the community.  Throughout the years, we have donated and volunteered at several foundations including but not limited to PACE, the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida, Peaceful Paths, the Boys and Girls Club and Catholic Charities.  This year, SERVPRO of Alachua County West decided to become a Small Business Partner with the United Way of North Central Florida.  

The United Way does not focus on one charity, it expands to benefit several in the community.  The United Way of North Central Florida has 29 Community Impact Partners.  Therefore each dollar you give is shared among the ACORN Clinic, Alachua County 4-H, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, the Boys and Girls Club, the Catholic Charities Bureau, CDS Family and Behaviorial Health Services, Child Advocacy Center, Childhood Developmental Services, Children's Home Society, Early Learning Coalition of Alachua County, ElderCare of Alachua County, Friends of the Micanopy Library, Gainesville HIPPY, Gilchrist County School Board, Girl's Place, Healthy Families Alachua, Institute for Workforce Innovation, Kids Count in Alachua County, North Florida YMCA, Partnership for Strong Families, Peaceful Paths, Riechert House, St. Francis House, Suwannee River AHEC, ARC of Alachua County, Guardian Foundation, the Salvation Army, Three Rivers Legal Services and VETSPACE.  

SERVPRO of Alachua County West is so proud to help in such an influential way in our community by partnering with United Way.   
Want to get to know Becky Raymond, one of our owners, just a tad better?  Below is a link about Becky and how she feels to be working with United Way:

SERVPRO of Alachua County West... A Family Business

2/19/2015 (Permalink)

General SERVPRO of Alachua County West... A Family Business A SERVPRO Family

Most people see SERVPRO and automatically think of a faceless and large corporation.  Many do not know that while SERVPRO is a nationally known corporation, its over 1600 franchises are all individually owned and operated.  This, in part, is what makes us better than the rest.

One of SERVPRO's biggest advantages over its competition is that no job is too large or too small for us.  Due to the fact that we are a corporation, we have access to unlimited supplies.  If a large loss occurs, we can call in as many "sister" franchises as we need.  SERVPRO even has both a Large Loss team and a Storm Team for such cases.  On the other hand, as before stated, SERVPRO franchises are all individually owned and operated.  So by using a SERVPRO, you are still keeping it local and supporting your community.

SERVPRO of Alachua County West has been servicing Gainesville and surrounding areas for the past 20+ years.  However, the current owners, Mark and Becky Raymond, did not purchase the business until 2007.  Mark Raymond graduated from the University of Florida and worked over 30 years in the retail industry before he stumbled upon SERVPRO.  He then worked as the marketing representative and progressed his way to general manager working for the SERVPRO of Arlington in Jacksonville, FL for nearly 8 years.  When word came out that the SERVPRO of Alachua County West franchise was for sale, Mark jumped at the opportunity.  Not only was this a franchise that he could believe in  but he had also always wanted to own his own business.  In 2007, this dream was made a reality.  He moved to Gainesville, FL with his supportive wife, Becky, and two of his four children, Julianne and Joshua Raymond.  Mark and Becky's eldest son, Jason, already had around four years of previous experience working for SERVPRO.  So once the franchise was purchased, he put his knowledge and experience to use as their Production Manager.  Their daughter, Julianne Raymond, is their current Marketing Representative.  

Altogether, the Raymonds work to make it "like it never even happened" for you.  SERVPRO of Alachua County West is therefore not only a brand you can trust, but a family you can trust.

November is National Epilepsy Awareness Month

11/25/2014 (Permalink)

Community November is National Epilepsy Awareness Month Our Advocate, Fighter and Marketer, Julianne Raymond

Not very many people know this, but November is National Epilepsy Awareness Month.  Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that truly gets very little attention, even though every 1 in 26 people is diagnosed at some point in their lives.  Our very own Marketing Representative, Julianne Raymond, was diagnosed with epilepsy when she was 16.  Below is a link of her story.  

Since spreading Epilepsy Awareness obviously has a special place in Julianne's heart, she created a flyer with 26 facts about Epilepsy.  She has been handing it out to all of the local businesses and properties to which she markets.  The flyer can be found in our posted photos.  

We are so proud to have such a strong advocate.  Spread the knowledge and rock the purple!