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Is Water Flowing Faster than Money?

9/14/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Is Water Flowing Faster than Money? Fairfield Inn & Suites had a flood and we were able to dry it out and put it all back together again

Running a business is hard enough right? Then all the sudden disaster strikes and you have to close your doors. We all know that you can't make money if you're closed. So, who do you call?

SERVPRO to the rescue!

Water damage has 3 categories:

* Category 1 (Clean Water) uncontaminated and is non-threatening. [Ex: overflow from a sink]

* Category 2 (Grey Water) slightly contaminated and could cause discomfort or sickness [Ex: discharge from a dishwasher]

* Category 3 (Black Water) contaminated and can cause serious illness and even death (in some cases) [Ex: Sewage or Floodwater]

When it comes to water damage we know first hand how quickly it spreads and how much damage it can cause.


250 gallons of water can come from a 1/8 inch crack in a pipe??

WOW! That's a lot of water!!!

So consider this. If that much water is coming out of a crack in a pipe, how much water is flowing out of a major burst? That's where SERVPRO comes in.

Time is of the essence and you need to act quickly! That's why SERVPRO is always open. Call us and we will be there!!

How to Restore Fire Damage

9/14/2018 (Permalink)

Fire causes devastation along it's path of destruction. If you’re searching for the best way to restore fire damage hopefully, everyone is okay, and your biggest problem is the cleanup.

SERVPRO is trained in the cleanup and care, so restoring your fire damage doesn't have to be a nightmare.

SERVPRO uses the latest equipment, products and processes to properly remove smoke, soot and fire damage.

Our team will not only cleanup the mess, but take care of that smokey odor as well. We use a machine called an air scrubber.

What is an air scrubber? Well, it's basically an air filtration device and it filters airborne particles out of the air, giving you fresher air to breathe.

No matter how the fire started, we will be there to make it "Like it never even happened."

A Fire Won't Hold your Business Back

9/14/2018 (Permalink)

Your business means everything to you. You can't believe you even have to close your doors. A fire is the last thing you want to deal with right? Well, just pick up the phone and call SERVPRO. We will have you up and running in no time!

Our staff is dedicated to providing the upmost quality of service. With our state of the art equipment, you can rest easy knowing the job will be done right the first time.

The fire itself isn't the only thing that will cause damage, but the soot released as well.We not only clean out all the effected contents, but also improve the air quality.

SERVPRO will respond quickly to your situation and can save your company from loosing more money, reduce more damage and shorten the length of your business being closed.

Sounds like a no brainer, right? So after your call to the fire department, call SERVPRO.

Your service professionals available for you        24 hours a day - 365 days a year

OH NO! Not Mold?!!?

9/14/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation OH NO! Not Mold?!!? This home had mold remediation throughout the entire house.

The word mold is scary enough, but then... you see it. Does it immediately send chills up your spine? Are you worried about what you can't see? Worried about what type it is? Can it make you sick? There are so many questions and it can be scary.

SERVPRO is professionally trained in mold remediation. We suggest mold testing before and after the remediation process to ensure the air quality is within normal limits. We are proud to say we have over a 99% passing rate.

Now, have you ever thought about how you can prevent mold in the first place?? Well, below is some tips to help.

1. Identify problem areas in your home and correct themyou can't mold-proof your home, but you can make it mold resistant. Check your home regularly. Look for condensation or other wet areas. You may have to end up pulling wet carpet or even repair gutters. Better to pay a little now than a lot later.

2. Dry wet areas immediatelymold cannot grow without moisture. Anything that gets wet should be dried within 24-48 hours.

3. Prevent moisture with proper ventilation check your ventilation systems. Are they working properly? Places like the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room are the high moisture areas.

4. Equip your home with mold-resistant productsif you're building a new home, or renovating, there are mold resistant products like drywall, Sheetrock, or even mold inhibitors for paint.

5. Monitor humidity indoorsthe EPA recommended indoor humidity is between 30 and 60 percent. You can measure the moisture by purchasing a moisture reader form the hardware store. Signs of high humidity is condensation. Be sure to pay attention to window seals, walls and pipes.

6. Direct water away from your home if the ground around your home isn't sufficiently sloped away from the foundation, water may collect there and seep into your crawlspace or basement.

SERVPRO is available to answer your questions. Give us a call and ask away!

Is Your Business in Trouble? No problem, SERVPRO Can Handle It!

9/10/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Is Your Business in Trouble? No problem, SERVPRO Can Handle It! Hotel Indigo at Celebration Pointe needed our help with a busted pipe on the 6th floor. SERVPRO was there to help

We are the Service Professionals. Ready to help YOUR business in even the BIGGEST jobs. Fire, water, mold, we can handle that!

When a fire happens it can definitely stop your business from making money. SERVPRO is available 24 hours a day - 7 days a week - 365 days a year. So when the fire happens, give us a call so we can get you up and running as fast as possible!

Whether it's a leaky pipe or it's like the flood gates opened and there is water everywhere, SERVPRO has got it covered! We have the highest quality equipment available so you can get everything up and running in no time!

Noticing a foul odor? Starting to see dark spots? Well you might have a mold problem. Don't fret, SERVPRO can help! We are the experts at mold remediation. Your business is safe with us!

SERVPRO Alachua County West strives for excellence!

We make the impossible, possible!

Do you know what to expect in the case of a fire? SERVPRO of Alachua County West does.

4/4/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Do you know what to expect in the case of a fire?  SERVPRO of Alachua County West does. No one knows fire restoration like the Pros at SERVPRO of Alachua County West.

We all know that fires happen.  We see them every day in the news or on our social media feeds, you may even know someone who has been affected by a house fire, but do you know what to expect when it happens to you?  Most of us learn from a young age to have a fire escape plan for our home, but what happens after you have escaped and your home is a smoldering wet mess? 

  • Your local fire services will have a citizen’s advocate or contact the Red Cross to help you find shelter and take care of your basic needs.
  • You will need to contact your insurance company about your claim. If it is after hours your claim number will not be available to you immediately.  You may even have to wait a few days for an adjuster to be assigned to your claim.
  • Your insurance company may send out a contents inventory specialist to go through you contents and assess what is salvageable and what your destroyed belongings are worth. If they do not do this, it will be up to your adjuster and fire restoration company to do this.
  • You may have to obtain permits in some cases for demo and restoration to begin on your home, as well as having inspections to have certain services such as electricity and gas turned back on during the restoration process. You will also have to have a final inspection once your home is done.
  • Every fire is different must most substantial house fires take several months to be complete. This means you and your family along with any pets will be in a hotel or with friends and family for over 3 months.  In many cases it is faster to build new construction than to restore existing construction.
  • Your mortgage company may hold onto your funds for restoration and allow draws to the restoration company as work progresses with inspections for each phase. This is a lot of extra leg work, and can hold restoration up for days at a time.
  • Your insurance company replaces your furnishings, appliances, and contents with like value replacements. This may mean that you are limited as to what you can choose for your build-back as well as the time it takes to order them, it’s not quite like going into a Home Depot and choosing out any new tile.

These are just a few things you probably never expected during a fire disaster to your home.  One of the best decisions you can make as a homeowner is to be informed before disaster happens.  The next best thing that you can do is have the phone number of SERVPRO of Alachua County West on hand just in case disaster happens.  Our family of technicians, and staff will keep you informed and work for you to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Today is National “Don’t Go to Work Unless it’s Fun Day,” and guess where we are?

4/3/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Today is National “Don’t Go to Work Unless it’s Fun Day,” and guess where we are? Our lead technician and hero Travis, all suited up to battle the enemy... mold

April 3rd is National Don’t Go to Work Unless it’s Fun Day, and we here at SERVPRO of Alachua County West are hard at work doing mold remediation.  You may be wondering to yourself, “What can be so fun about mold remediation?”  Well, as with anything in life, the fun spectrum depends upon the individual who is having it, and we are always having fun helping our friends and neighbors making it “Like it never even happened.”  To see how fun mold remediation can be, let’s go through some of the steps of mold remediation.

  • First of all it starts with a mold report and protocol that is produced by a mold assessor who has done investigative work and testing. The mold report is full of fun photos of damage and cool color graphs about the mold in your home and the protocol is full of interesting information about the job at hand and the type of mold you are working with as well as how you are going to attack and annihilate it. 
  • Second, you get to follow that protocol and set up containment and decontamination in the area that you are working which is going to keep the enemy from being spread throughout the home in unaffected areas. It’s kind of like a cool fort protecting the innocent from the evil enemy.
  • Next you are going to don fancy white suites and respirators kind of like a scientist working in an alien environment and set up equipment to scrub the air and keep humidity levels within check.
  • The most important part comes next, you will be going in and removing the enemy parasite from within and then encapsulating and trapping any possible remnant of them, making the home safe yet again for its inhabitants.
  • Lastly, we get to put on our tool belts and rebuild what we have conquered making it “Like it never even happened. Who doesn’t have fun with tools?

All in all I guess you could say we have a fun day doing mold remediation because we get to be heroes saving the day.  After all, what is more fun that being a hero?  So when you are choosing a mold remediation company choose not only the company that does it correctly, choose the heroes at SERVPRO of Alachua County West.

Who do the “Pros” call for commercial damage restoration? They call the pros at SERVPRO of Alachua County West.

4/2/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Who do the “Pros” call for commercial damage restoration?  They call the pros at SERVPRO of Alachua County West. Before and after photos of a large tree removed and tarped after recent storms from an impending cold front.

As many local residents know, the 2017 – 2018 weather in Gainesville has been one for the record books.  Between hurricanes, storms, freezing weather, record winter highs, and record spring lows our community has been the brunt of some unusual weather.  Not has it only affected the residents living here, it has affected many businesses as well.  Besides our pride in our great University, Gainesville has a town feel with lots of available business’s that are the hub of not only the city, but also many rural surrounding counties.  Did you know that Gainesville has a population density that is 600% higher than the rest of the state?  This is why Gainesville can support the infrastructure of so many big, small and unusual businesses and thrive as a community.

As important as your business is to our community, why would you trust it to anyone else but the pros in time of disaster?  Not only can SERVPRO of Alachua County West provide you with exceptional cleaning services such as tile cleaning, carpet cleaning, and deep cleaning, but we can take care of any of your disaster needs at a moment’s notice.  SERVPRO is different in the fact that we are a small, family owned business, that has the backing of a vast network of professionals, products, and services that are 2nd to none in the industry.  The adjoining photo is of a ware house owned by one of the fastest growing community and business developments in Gainesville, which houses inventory from a very popular outdoors store.  SERVPRO was able to assess the damage and use our network to get them tarped up and ready for repair as an impending storm was approaching.  Why shouldn’t you use the restoration company the “Pros” trust?

When you have water damage, doing it yourself is never a good idea. Call the experts at SERVPRO of Alachua County West.

3/30/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage When you have water damage, doing it yourself is never a good idea.  Call the experts at SERVPRO of Alachua County West. Water damage from driving rain. The homeowner dried it up themselves with a vaccum and towels, and had to call us for proper drywall days later.

At one time or another, as a homeowner or renter, we have all had a disaster.  Sometimes it’s an easy clean-up and sometimes we know that we are in over our heads.  Many times though, homeowners have a water damage and with a little elbow grease, a shop vac and some towels they try to mitigate the damage themselves.  Unfortunately, some time later they end up calling the experts for more costly repairs due to damaged materials from improperly drying their home and even mold.  Here are some facts about water damage.

  • It is 1,200 times easier to remove water than to evaporate it? That’s why proper extraction of standing water is key to the dry out of a structure.  Many times shop vacs are unable to do a sufficient job quick enough.
  • Drywall exposed to water can wick up the wall at a rate of one inch per hour for the first 24 hours. If left for a few days while you are out of town it can wick all of the way up the wall to the seam at 4 ft.
  • The insulation in your walls will wick water from the drywall as well. Without proper weep holes drilled to allow air flow you walls may seem dry, but you have insulation still festering with moisture and eventually mold.  Insulation also loses its R-Value (its ability to insulate properly) when it is wet.
  • Improperly dried drywall becomes brittle and weak causing it to break apart very easily. Interestingly it seem that drywall that is dried properly can actually become stronger which was discovered by water restoration companies that used what they call “flood rooms” for training.  Each week the rooms are flooded and used for training proper dry out techniques.  They found after about five “floods” the drywall had to be replaced because it would no longer allow water to wick up the walls.
  • Mold will start growing immediately after spores are attached to an item and it has food and moisture. It can easily grow within 24 to 48 hours and will colonize in 1-12 days. 
  • Mold releases its spores when it is disturbed, so without proper removal you can spread it throughout your home trying to get rid of it.

These are just a few reasons you should entrust your water damage to the experts at SERVPRO of Alachua County West and save yourself the time, money and sanity of having to restore your home more than once despite just one single water damage.

It’s National Create your own holiday day 3/26/18, and why yes, I think we will... It's National prepare your business for disaster day!

3/26/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial It’s National Create your own holiday day 3/26/18, and why yes, I think we will...  It's National prepare your business for disaster day! Set up your business's Emergency Ready Plan today!

Your business is important, not only does it support you, but it also supports your community as well as the families you employ.  Even the smallest business has an impact on in the grand scheme of your life and community.  So why would we celebrate National Prepare your Business for disaster day?  Because disaster inevitably happens and usually when you least expect it, so why not remind ourselves how important it is to prepare for it.  Not sure where to begin?  The easiest and smartest way to begin is by contacting the experts at SERVPRO of Alachua County West. 

SERVPRO of Alachua County West can set your business up with an Emergency Ready Plan that is totally controlled by you, the business owner and accessible through your smart phone to whomever you give permissions 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  No business owner can be there every waking minute of the day, that’s why we have trusted employees, but can you trust them to know your business as well as you do?  With an Emergency Ready Plan in place and our mobile app, you don’t have to be, it has everything you need for any kind of disaster to get the ball rolling on a fast response to your disaster.

So today, let’s celebrate your business in our community, by being prepared for disaster with SERVPRO of Alachua West setting up an Emergency Ready Plan before disaster strikes.